Pool and water technology

Over the years, we have achieved a high degree of specialization for turnkey systems and also individual components for bathing facilities on passenger ships and mega yachts. We now supply the pools for bathing facilities, lifting floors for larger pools indoors and outdoors as well as the associated water treatment.


Pool bodies and bathing basins

On the basis of design specifications, we plan, deliver and assemble a wide variety of pool types, integrated into the ship structure or as  superstructure with a corresponding deck connection. 

To do this, the materials aluminum, GRP, steel and stainless steel used.

We also offer attractions and facilities such as flood showers and deck showers, seatings, stairs with handrails, waterfalls and much more.

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Lifting pool floors

Our lifting floors are mainly used on passenger ships and mega yachts and serve the purpose of being able to change the pool depth. 
This means that swimming is also possible for non-swimmers. 
In the upper position, the pool can be closed flat so that it is also available as additional usable / event space. 

Raising and lowering is done with a scissor construction made of stainless steel, which is driven and locked by water hydraulic cylinders.

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Water treatment

Since the year 2000, we have been supplying water treatment equipment for cruise ships and mega yachts according to the WHO and USPH guidelines as well as the standards and regulations of international classification societies.

Up to 2013 together with the GHP Engineering Office for environmental and water technology. Since 2015 in cooperation with the Group2O and since September 2016 expanding of business by the purchase and integration of company parts of the E & S Aqua GmbH (i. I.)

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