• Project planning of oil-hydraulic components and plants. 
  • Site inspections, supervision 
  • Commissioning 
  • Training


Beside oil-hydraulics we are engaged since 2005 in the technology of water-hydraulics. In doing so, our cooperation partner is the Waterhydraulic Ltd. from UK, which is represented by the firm Krisch GmbH in Germany. 


  • Neither pollutions of employees nor the product. 
  • No disposal costs for waste oil. 
  • No ecology pollution by leaking oil. 
  • No risk of fire. 
  • Water can already be completely sterilized by small additions or by UV irradiation. 
  • No lubrication required. 
  • No contamination of marine and inland water. 
  • Environmental certification according to DIN / ISO 14000 

Projects in work: 

  • Scissor-lift system for underwater use (Swimming pool) 
  • Provisions crane for an inland water authority ship 
  • Lifting device for the food industry 
  • Interlocking-system for underwater use