Outfitting components and systems

We deliver a wide variety of systems, components and also static parts as special designs for ships and mega yachts. In addition to the use of conventional drive methods such as oil hydraulics, we are specialized in systems with electrical and water-hydraulic drives. 

The following shows a selection as examples of systems that have already been delivered:


Stainless steel components

  • Railing systems with handrails made of round and oval tubes, integrated glass panels, foldable and pluggable, stairs, gates, flagpoles, equipment carriers, hawses, bollards, anchor pockets, stern cutwater shoes and much more made of untreated, grinded and highly polished stainless steel.
  • Own production of oval tubes
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Sliding roofs

  • Various sliding roofs constructions
  • Electromechanically driven

Telescopic masts

  • Double telescopic up to 6m extension length 
  • Electromechanically driven
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • No lashing necessary, self-supported

Venetian blinds

  • Various venetian blinds / shading systems
  • Incl. electromechanical rotary drive
  • Material: Aluminium and stainless steel

Hatches and hatch covers

  • Various smooth deck hatches incl. cover, folding hatch covers, pontoon covers
  • Static and also mechanically and electrohydraulically driven

Aluminium masts and frames

  • Seawater-resistant aluminum masts and frames according to customers technical specifications
  • Incl. fittings made of stainless steel

Access systems, shell doors and platforms

  • Access systems, shell doors and platforms own designed or acc. to  the Design of the MACOR brand. 
  • Material: Aluminium, steel + stainless steell
  • Hydraulically drived

Foldable bathing platforms

  • Foldable stairs incl. platform and pluggable railing 
  • Material: Components aluminium, driving parts stainless steel, visible parts highly polished

Ship window frames

  • Heavy frames for ship windows of larger dimensions made of stainless steel and steel

Foldable bow radar masts with deck hatch flap

  • Hydraulically foldable bow radar masts stowed in the hatch box with a hydraulically driven flush deck hatch flap.
  • Hydraulically foldable foremasts stowed in the hatch box with a hydraulically driven flush deck hatch flap.
  • Material: Steel + stainless steel

Deck furnitures

  • Deck furnitures according to customers design specifications in various versions incl. furniture flaps
  • Material: Aluminium, stainless steel

Bridge wing control stations

  • Bridge wing control stations according to customers design specifications 
  • Material: Aluminium, stainless steel

Boat cradles

  • Boat cradles own designed or according to customers specification 
  • Also mechanical adjustable
  • Material: Aluminium, Stainless steel

Loading and provision cranes

  • Loading and provision cranes, pivotable + double telescopic
  • SWL < 1000 kg
  • Material: Housing stainless steel