SET celebrates launching of workboat "Seegeist II"

The first of three aluminum workboats for the Bodensee, each 15 meters long and almost six meters wide, built at the Genthin shipyard of SET Schiffbau- u. Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, was named "Seegeist II" on August 30 and set floating on a crane hook in the Elbe-Havel Canal.

Both the bucket wheel stern drive and the conveyor system technology of the aluminum workboat, which will travel across the Bodensee at a speed of 90 revolutions per minute to clear the large waters of southern Germany of seaweed, are hydraulic.

Equipped with a loading crane, the boat can load and unload driftwood and seaweed fished from the Bodensee. The additional conveyor grab at the bow, equipped with two grabs, removes unwanted objects from the water. The boat can also be used as a push boat to push driftwood together.

The other two boats designed for driftwood removal are to be launched in Genthin on September 20. They will be underway in Freiburg, Tübingen and Kempten. 

The order volume for the three aluminum workboats is 1.5 million euros each. Their special feature is the fact that they have a draught of only 65 centimeters.

SET is pleased about full order books and looks forward to a successful next year.