The Company EnPro Engineering- und Produktionsgesellschaft mbH was founded in 1998 and is located in the north of Germany in the city of Bremerhaven.
Our scope of services essentially comprises of the planning and execution of systems, modules and components for industrial plants such as the ship and yacht building industry.
The cross-industry orientation regarding engineering and manufacturing allows us, with the highest operational standards of practice, to supply turnkey solutions from a single source.
EnPro is a part of a medium-sized company group with its main scope of services in steel building constructions.
For the manufacturing of our systems we have the possibility to use the production capacity of our highly qualified sister companies within the company group. 

Additional information about the services of the group: 


EnPro Engineering- und
Produktionsgesellschaft mbH

Riedemannstr. 3

D-27572 Bremerhaven

Phone: +49 471 98406 -0

Fax: +49 471 98406 -112